January 17th, 2018

Your Customers Are Online, So You Need to Be

Use online marketing to directly reach your target audiences and grow your brand

Many businesses, particularly those that don’t sell products online, often question the need for online marketing; and as a result, online marketing activities often get pushed to the bottom of to-do lists. Huge mistake!

Online marketing is so important because it aligns with the way consumers make purchasing decisions. Consumers research heavily online and even use social media during their purchase consideration to gather information.

Online shopping is certainly not the only reason businesses need to go online. Instead, being online leverages multiple touch points for businesses to gain visibility among prospective consumers.

If we want to find out something where do, we go? Google! Consumers are Googling products, services and businesses well before they make a purchase decision. Even social media is used to gather evidence as potential customers are researching their next purchase.

Over 70% of people research a company online before paying that business a visit or making a purchase with them. So, can your potential customers find you online?

Leveraging your online touch points can help increase customer conversion ask Peninsula Digital for advice on your online marketing to start!